Enrolment and Other Forms

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Enrolment Forms

To enrol a your child at Manchester Primary School you will have to complete the form below and you will also need to bring your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate to the school office when you bring your completed enrolment form in.  We will take a copies of these documents and then be able to enrol your child at Manchester Primary School.

For enrolments (2018) : Student_Enrolment_Form2018

 Student_Enrolment_Form – _Alternative_Family Form 2018

Student Emergency Contact Details

Should we need to contact you, we need to have an up to date register of emergency contact details.  Please keep this current by downloading a new one as your details change.


While staff are not permitted to give your child medicines, on occasions you may wish to send your child to school with a specific medication to be administered at a specific time.  The permission note below MUST be sent with the medication.


If your child or children suffer from asthma, we require you to send in an up-to-date asthma action plan for each student.  All children with asthma should carry their inhaler medication and spacer in their school bag, unless other arrangements have been made with their teacher.

School Fees

Manchester works hard to keep the school fees the lowest in the area.  Please click below for the Parent Payments letter for 2017.  Please click here for the Parent Payments Policy for 2017.