Vision, Mission Statement, Purpose & Values


Manchester Primary is a school where we develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills enabling children develop a passion to become life long learners, embracing their futures as optimistic, contributing members of their local and global communities. We acknowledge that in order to do this, our school community must embrace our motto – Inspire, Engage Achieve. By embracing this ethos we can create positive relationships at home and within the school and community ecosystem that supports their growth.


We are committed to providing learning and teaching environments that maximise opportunities for every child to develop socially, emotionally, academically and physically.  We strive to create a safe, caring, supportive and purposeful atmosphere based on mutual respect, trust and the pursuit of excellence.

Our School Purpose:

To create an environment where staff and students collaborate in their learning, enabling everyone to reach their potential through an innovative and negotiated curriculum that challenges and supports all members of the school community.


Manchester values respect, responsibility and the pursuit of excellence.

The over-arching value that Manchester adheres to is RESPECT. Respect for self, others, the environment and for learning and achievement. The following reflect how we relate to one another in our learning community.

Respect Yourself – having regard for self in terms of physical, social and emotional health.

Respect Others– Mutual Respect and acceptance of others, their property and their differences. Demonstrating Attentive Listening and empathy for each person’s Right to Participate or their Right to Pass.

Respect of Environment – recognising that we are the caretakers of the planet and that we must act responsibly and urgently to reverse mankind’s ecological footprint.

Respect for Achievement and Learning–pursuing excellence and displaying pride and satisfaction in individual achievement and endeavour. Producing only Personal Best and showing Appreciation when that is achieved.