A History of Sustainability at Manchester

Sustainability at Manchester

Manchester Primary School is in Mooroolbark and has a long history of being an environmentally friendly school. Native trees that were planted over 20 years ago are now providing food and shelter to lots of native birds and wildlife as well as shade for our 350 students.

As we are passionate about caring for our fragile environment we have formed our YEP Team (Young Environment Protectors) who are leading and teaching our school community to make more informed choices about caring for our environment. We are a group of students from Grade 4 – 6 who meet during lunch time to develop plans to educate the whole school community about the importance of environmental sustainability. Our aim is to educate in an interesting and entertaining way. If you just tell people to do something then they often don’t listen but if you put on a small play that entertains them and makes them laugh, then they listen and remember.

We look at the whole Sustainability picture, we only have one Earth, so we have decided that we could educate the community to take care of the environment. We couldn’t teach all aspects of Sustainability to all students, so each level of the school became a leader in one aspect of Sustainability and each level has a YEP leader. The YEP leaders get to tell, or suggest, to the teachers what they should be doing. How COOL is that! We actually get to be the BOSS of the teachers, in a polite way of course.