Student Wellbeing at Manchester Primary Schoolbetter-buddies-logo

While we pride ourselves in the fact that all of our teachers are wellbeing focused, there are many programs we have in place to ensure that children feel safe and happy enough to maximise their learning opportunities.  We KNOW that children learn best when they feel valued, are happy and when working with their peers.  These are some of the initiatives we have in place:

TRIBES – teaches children the fundamentals of community – how to be with others, who they are as a learner and how to be strong and assertive whilst always being respectful of themselves others and the environment.

Restorative Practices – specifically teaches children to be assertive and to become problem solves.  This is explicitly taught with all children experiencing conflict.

Buddy Program – Our Year 6 students are matched up with Prep children to support their transition to school and to mentor them in the playground and in regular sessions where Year 6 mentors deliver a variety of sessions to the Prep children.

Student Leadership – Level 5 and 6 are actively involved in running the school and take many leadership roles.  All Level 5 and 6 students are trained for a variety of jobs that include: running and preparing assemblies, being office monitors, waste management, house and school captains, environmental teams etc


Refugee Network – offers activities to raise awareness of the best way to support refugee families in our school community.

Harmony Day – sets up the exploration of cultural harmony and acceptance which we share with local kinder communities.  Students  have the opportunity to attend the Global Gathering where cultural diversity is celebrated.

Wellbeing Co-ordinators – Both the Principal and the Assistant Principal  monitor wellbeing issues in the school.

Foundation Play Areas –Prep access to the school ground is monitored carefully and the children are eased into regular play times when they are ready.  They have play areas to themselves until staff are confident that they are ready to be with other children.

Extra curricular and lunchtime activities include:

  • Junior School Council
  • Gardening Club
  • Knitterbugs
  • Young Environmental Protectors
  • Young Animal Protectors
  • Choir
  • Kids’ Club
  • Interschool sport
  • Homework Club

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