Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education, Health and Human RelationsHawks in Schools 2016

Weekly Physical Education classes conducted by Mrs Kim Hardstaff, are supplemented by grade activities and games, with lunchtime activities and basketball, rugby and soccer clinics. The emphasis is on physical health and fitness and sportsmanship and team building.

Health and Human Relations are explored in classrooms, in Phys Ed classes and supplemented by the Life Education Bus, which visits once a year.

Interschool Sport

Children in Grades 5 and 6 will be given the opportunity to compete with children from their local schools. Sporting excellence is encouraged. Individuals and teams compete at District and State levels.

PMP – Perceptual Motor Program

This is a motor skills program run for the Foundation students.  It involves the children listening to oral instructions and practising a range of gross motor activities that improve their balance, coordination, spacial awareness and body control.  The also develop their fine motor and eye tracking skills through many different circuit like activities.  This is run with the help our our parent community and Foundation teachers.


Bike Education is mandatory at level 4 and children learn road laws, rider/driver courtesy and bike riding skills and maintenance.  

SwimmFoundation swimminging Program

Each year, in Term Four Manchester Primary School offers a swimming program.  It runs for a week and is coordinated in conjunction with the Kilsyth Swimming Pool.  It is a fantastic week for all children and caters for all abilities from beginner to advanced.

 Foundation swimming 2015