Parent Teacher contact

Staff are always happy to meet informally before or after school if our meeting schedule allows it. Alternatively parents may wish to wait till formal parent /teacher interview times.

If parents have a concern, they are encouraged to ring Manchester Primary School

on 9726 6931 to speak to the child’s teacher.

Principal: Peter Jenkins

Assistant Principal: Sonia Svirak

Leadership: Kellie Fenton

Foundation: Meagan Anderson, Kate Pierce

Level 1:   Leanne Buchanan, Kathryn Roberts

Level 2:  Annie Mitchell, Andrew Spinks

Level 3: Sarah Jenkins, Ruth King

Level 4:  Andy Exley, Michele Turner

Level 5:  Caitlin Blaha  &  Sarah Den Elzen

Level 6:  Kellie Fenton, Beth Woods

Specialists: Pam Ball (Music/Reading Recovery), Kim Hardstaff (Physical Education),  Irene Meredith (L.O.T.E – Japanese) and Olivia Whitehouse (STEAM)

Out of School Hours Care:  Deanne Durst

Education Support Staff:  Ann Bast , Caroline Barry, Ros De Moore, Nita Giatroudakis, Alan Vanbiaksanga,  Angela Shiels

Administration Staff:  Melissa O’Rorke, Sue Giddens, Kristy Dicarla