Student Leadership

Student Leadership     Junior School Council

Student Leadership

Our students are the leaders and thinkers of the future. We have an active leadership program where students are encourages to take on responsibilities and work in partnership with the school community for the betterment of the school. There are many opportunities for students to rise to leadership at Manchester in both formal and informal ways.  First and foremost are the School Captains. At the end of the year, year 5 students work hard to prepare speeches for the School Captain elections. The year 4 and 5 students and the staff participate in a democratic voting system and two Captains and two Vice Captains are voted from the year level. 

Other positions that are elected in the next year are the House Captains voted for from the year 6 cohort and Vice House Captains from grade 3, 4 and 5 giving them an opportunity to be mentored in leadership by the grade 6 students. House and Vice Captains assist in the organisation and running of House sports, activity and athletics days. They organise to collect the House points from each grade and prepare and announce the ongoing House tallies at assemblies.


Junior School Council

Manchester Primary has a very strong Civics and Citizenship program beginning with each grade electing 2 student representatives for one semester to participate on the Junior School Council. Junior School Council Executive come from Grade 5 and 6 and are supported with representatives from every year level.  JSC meets fortnightly to discuss issues and organise fundraisers and social service activities.

At the beginning of the year students with leadership roles have the opportunity to participate in the National Young Leaders Conference. This is an invaluable experience where students can meet leaders from other schools and listen to inspiring stories and life experiences from carefully chosen guest speakers. The students reflect on the experience and apply skills and attributes needed for effective leaders.

Students with leadership roles are ambassadors for our school and are often called upon to

  • Meet and greet visitors and dignitaries
  • Make introductions and acknowledgements
  • Assist with PMP, Ready To Start School
  • Run assemblies


 Leadership Conference 2016 – Manchester Students

Leadership Conference 2016Leadership Conference2

Leadership activities are encouraged all the way through the school and students are groomed and coached at every opportunity to be ambassadors for our school.